Monday, April 24, 2017

Caledonia Street

Just a couple of blocks away from us is Caledonia
Street, which has some wonderful turn-of-the century houses. I walked down it the other day looking at the fences and the flowers and the paint schemes and the lovely houses.


I think this may be my favourite house. I love the colours and the funny little porch above the front doors. There's no way to get out onto this porch. It's just for show I guess.  Many of these houses are now subdivided into duplexes or apartments but that just adds to the interest of the street.

This is a view looking the other way. You can see that quite a few of these old beauties have been defaced by stucco, which is really a shame. Compare these grey buildings to the one above. No comparison. I think the insides are probably still quite nice though.

This next photo shows a small park just beyond these stuccoed houses. This park was taken over by homeless campers for a couple of years until the city came to its senses and restricted overnight camping here.

Since then there's been a new six-unit apartment built next to the park. It is built to suit the street and will be a nice addition, offering family accommodation in our neighbourhood. This is one of the front stairs entering an apartment.
I can't wait to see what the interiors look like.

Just a couple more photos of the houses on Caledonia. You can see that new building will fit right in.


  1. Oh my. what a wonderful neighborhood.
    Thanks for the great photos.

    cheers, parsnip

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