Thursday, April 27, 2017

Garden design in Victoria

This is a photo of our fountain, taken in June a couple of years ago. Just today I tried to start it up again and ran into some problems. The water wouldn't come out the spout. So I contacted Logan, who helped us design and build the garden in 2014. He came over today and sorted it out. Logan Thomas has a garden design business and he and I collaborated on the design for our back yard and the results were so fantastic.

These photos are from his website and they capture perfectly the serene feeling of our garden retreat.

This will be our fourth year here and the back area is such an oasis from the city. I'm so glad we were able to get it easily sorted out so the fountain works. Now we can look forward to a summer of relaxation and fun.

If you are considering a garden design, take a look at Logan's website. Our garden is front and centre there. We found him very responsible and responsive to work with.


  1. A great place for you to spend time in!

  2. I can not believe it has been four years.
    Adore your garden. I know you are use to much bigger gardens but I really love the smaller ones. More time to enjoy.
    So envious of your water lilies. How do you keep them alive with your cold winters ?
    Just a wonderful place to enjoy some quiet time. Your fountain is beautiful.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Thank for your very good article! i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!



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