Monday, September 25, 2017

Made it to Madrid

It wasn't difficult to get to Madrid, just a quick taxi ride to the Toledo train station, which looks like this. Isn't it gorgeous?  Then a half hour train ride to the central station in Madrid and a fifteen minute walk to our home exchange apartment. But somehow even that much travel in a day seems to take it out of us. It could be the noisy nights in Toledo.  It seems that our hotel adjoined a big plaza where students and young people congregate to drink and party on the weekends. We just happened to be staying there on a Friday and Saturday night.

Now we're in Madrid in a loft apartment in a residential area of 6 storey apartments on tree-lined streets. It's cleverly designed to be two different living spaces so they can have both large and small groups staying here. We're in the bigger part which has a comfortable queen bed and an office corner, as well as a table and couch and kitchen corner. It's kind of jumbled together but it works and the windows look out on leafy trees.

We're south of the city centre but close to metro transit and within walking distance of some of the city's parks and museums.  Last night we headed out for a bit to eat and as the sun set we sat with locals at a little sidewalk bar and restaurant. The temperature was about 25 degrees so no sweater was needed. A perfect climate as it cools off at night to about 16.  

We're here for four days so will be able to do some exploring and see  the sights, which include some of Europe's best art museums. 

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