Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hallowe'en on Yukon Street

This six-unit apartment is right across the street from our house. We love having it within our view because the families and children living there add joy and life to the street.  Especially at Hallowe'en.

The kids and parents have been preparing for weeks I think. Pumpkins have been carved, candy purchased and costumes created.

Here you can see them getting ready.  The guy in yellow on the right is dressing up as an aging hippie surfer. He's just putting on his long wig. I thought the little guy on the left was dressed up as a cotton ball. Wrong.  He ended up with a wolf mask on and a tail at the back. He was a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Last night it all culminated in a group gathering on the front stairs for a photograph before the kids set out for trick-or-treating. The kids headed off before it got dark with their parents in most cases. We stayed home to hand out goodies to families with young children from nearby streets.  What fun. I love living on Yukon Street.

This morning the kids headed off to school and the only signs left were the pumpkins on the stairs and the rubber bat flying from my front porch.


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