Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hace mucho calor

In case you don't know, the title of this post translates as "It's very hot" and it certainly applies today in Zihuatanejo.  We are melting from the heat, but more so from the humidity. Although the temperature is 29 degrees Celsius, the weather app says it feels like 40. And it does!

This makes it hard to do much of anything in the middle of the day. Except for lying in the bedroom with the air conditioner turned on. At least we have an air conditioner. I don't know how we would sleep at night without it. Zihua, it turns out, is a little too hot for us.

I chose this place because I wanted to be able to swim in warm ocean water--and that is certainly the case. Yesterday we spent the day at Playa las Ropas, known as one of the ten best beaches in the world. And it is a lovely spot, serene and soft with a beautiful hard packed golden sand that slopes gradually into the gentle waves. This is what it looked like. And we had a lovely day.

We went to a restaurant called El Manglar (the manta ray) where there were crocodiles and banyan trees, very jungle-y.

The lunch was great, as you can see by our happy smiles.

Then we toured a condo development that's being rebuilt for sale. We fantasized how lovely it would be to stay in a place like this with a big patio overlooking the beach.

But today we stayed in town in our basic little accommodation and did some shopping and errands in the blazing sun. Without the breezes from the beach it's close to unbearable for us.

That's why most of these posts will be about beach days. Another one is coming up tomorrow. We plan to take a boat out to Playa las Gatas where we can snorkel.  Don't envy us too much. We envy you the coolness at night that allows you to sleep.

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