Monday, January 15, 2018

Hanging out at the Victoria airport -- again!

This is the second time today that we have gone through the security routine at the Victoria airport. The first was this morning at about 5:00 in the pitch dark as we headed for our flight to Calgary where we were to transfer to a direct flight to Zihuatanejo. Alas, it was not to be. The flight to Calgary was delayed by one hour for "crew rest" because of a horrendous backup on flights from fog there yesterday and today. Thus we would miss our next flight, and since these direct flights only go three times a week we were rerouted.

Our new itinerary has us flying to Vancouver at 6:40 pm, then overnight to Mexico city leaving at 11:30, then after four hours in Mexico City a flight to the coastal town, arriving nearly 24 hours later than we were supposed to. It was chaos at the airport as several flights to Mexico were affected.

We spent about 10 minutes being really pissed off, after which we realized the futility of that emotion and have since been rolling with it. WestJet was helpful enough to give us taxi vouchers into Victoria and back so we didn't have to spend 12 hours at the airport. So we headed home and did a bit more tidying up for our houseguests, then had lunch with some friends and did a little window shopping before we got a taxi back to the airport.

So here we are again as the sky begins to darken. Already it's been a long day but our hope is that we will be able to sleep on the red-eye to Mexico City.

We haven't encountered this kind of delay before and it's made me realize just how hard the ticket agents and airport staff work. And I can't complain, because we are so incredibly lucky to be able to take a winter trip to the coast of Mexico. But just now I'm feeling travel fatigue and we haven't even left Victoria.

Right now we're sitting at a bar in the departure lounge as the afternoon shift comes on at Spinnakers. However, tomorrow at noon we'll be approaching Zihuatanejo and we'll be able to settle in and enjoy some sun and sea. Nothing to complain about.


  1. You'll be glad to finally get there!

  2. I always am frighten when you leave for Mexico. I know you love it there but ...... Just be careful the violence is rising.
    Have a good trip.

    cheers, parsnip and mandibles.


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