Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dockside Green

These pictures are just a small part of a very cool development that's been built on an unused part of Victoria's harbour, just across a bridge from downtown.  The design has qualified as a LEED project: a Canadian program based on principles of smart growth, green building and sustainable design.  I've been hearing about Dockside Green for a couple of years but haven't really seen it until recently.  Our Tai Chi class takes place just behind here and we've been stopping in for coffee after at a little place that's tucked into Dockside Green.

Just the other day I took a walk along the greenway and was very impressed the small part of it I saw.  I was drawn to the canal with wooden bridges that connected to the condo dwellers deck areas.

I really like the feeling of "new urbanism" in this complex.

It's a combination of contemporary architecture designed to promote community with beautiful natural features that also have a purpose.  This waterway, besides being beautiful, is part of a waste water cleansing system.

I am so pleased to to see builders beginning to take sustainable green building principles seriously.  What do you think of this approach?  Would you like to live here?


  1. I'd move there today if I could. It's beautiful and a responsible use of space.

  2. The introduction of LEED standard architecture has produced some really remarkable and beautiful living and working spaces. That's a lovely example...even the heron is happy.

    Is your tai chi outside?

  3. I'd move there in a heart beat! It's gorgeous, so peaceful -- and it would put be a bit closer to the Yukon, which would be my next stop! Thanks for showing us this amazing project. The crane is stunning!

  4. I would love to live again by the water. This space looks absolutely beautiful.
    I loved my visit to Victoria and at one time thought of moving there but my job was in California.
    I think "Green" building is possible.
    In Tucson they have been exploring this type of natural, green sustainable principles for many, many years.
    My home has a cistern to catch rainwater to use later.
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures.

    cheers, parsnip


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