Saturday, February 21, 2009

An almost lost dog

Last night I almost lost my dog. Here's how it happened. Friday nights are our flyball practice night at the barn at the Saanich Fairgrounds. We meet up there with some other flyball-addicted people for an hour to practice and train our dogs in the sport. Flyball (for those who haven't been initiated) is a relay race for dogs, although the team also includes people. Anyway, we were out at the barn for our practice and the plan was to meet at the pub afterward for a drink, as is our habit. Somehow with cleaning up and putting away equipment Maggie didn't get put into the car and we drove off home without her. We didn't find out until we pulled into the driveway to put the dogs in the house before going to the pub. By then it had been at least twenty minutes and I was frantic with worry that she might have followed us along the road and onto the busy highway.

Before heading back to the barn to begin a search we stopped by the pub to see if one of the others had seen her or picked her up. As soon as I walked in I was greeted with raised eyebrows and the question, "Do you know where your dog is?" And I knew that she was OK. Julia had spotted her as we drove away and when she couldn't flag us down, she put her Maggie in her car and brought her along. So potential tragedy was averted, but I keep thinking how easily she could have been lost or killed on the road through one little oversight.

Our dogs are so dependent on us and so vulnerable without us. They can't explain or ask questions and there are so many dangers out in the world. This really made me realize the responsibility I have to my furry family members. Here's Maggie safe at home on her pillow; I'm trying not to see a reproach in her soft eyes.

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