Monday, February 16, 2009

Here's to February Birthdays

Our Valentines Day / Birthday celebration was a lovely evening and the cheesecake turned out to be tasty. Although not as delicious as the real cheesecake I have to say. I decorated it with little hearts done with the seedless raspberry jam so it even looked appropriate for Valentine's day.

Here's a photo of two of the guests enjoying the dinner, and one of little Callie in her special dress playing with her new toys on my coffee table.

Sunday morning we went to my sister's house in James Bay for brunch. Jan made breakfast with fresh eggs brought over from a friend's chickens on Saturna Island. These are amazing eggs, fresh and deep orange and wonderful flavour. One of them was HUGE--bigger than any egg I've ever seen. Of course it had a double yolk

Later everybody walked down to the beach with all four dogs (her two shelties and my two border collies). It was cold but crystal clear and once we got down on the beach out of the wind it even felt a little balmy. I guess the temperature was about 6 degrees in the sun. The snowdrops and crocuses are up in the gardens and there's hope in the air for spring. Mid-February is not a bad time to celebrate birthdays.

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