Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fat Free Feast?

February's a big birthday month for my family. My brother's is on one side of Valentine's day and my sister's on the other. So I'm planning a special family St. Valentine's Day dinner to celebrate them both. My brother and his wife and little girl are coming over from Vancouver and my sister and her partner are driving up here from deepest James Bay. I want to make a festive feast--but since my brother cannot eat fat I face somewhat of a challenge. Is there such a thing as a fat-free feast?

I'm going to try to create one. I plan to make a fat-free cheesecake using non-fat cream cheese and sour cream. I got the recipe from the low-fat section of the Better Homes and Gardens. The picture looked pretty and it's rated 4 out of 5 stars by someone, so I guess it's somewhat edible. I'll be making it tomorrow and hoping that it will set up and taste ok. For the main course I'm thinking of a roast pork loin (with the fat removed) and I'm going to try cooking it with mushrooms and a milk gravy. This is another low-fat recipe. It says to serve it with fettucine noodles (also fat-free).

This whole thing is kind of foreign to me--as I think of a birthday dinner as a nice butter chicken and a big chocolate cake. But we're all of us getting to stage where we have to pay attention to our diet and our health. In fact, it's harder and harder to create menus now. Either someone is vegetarian or lactose intolerant or unable to eat fat. How can we clebrate like this? Well I guess I'll find out. I'll let you know.

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