Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rusty farm equipment

The other day we stopped at Silver Rill, the local place to get fabulous fresh corn and I took note of some of the decor.  Scattered around the place is a lot of old farm machinery to give the country feel.

Up on the roof are two old tractor tricycles.  This was the oldest one.  Isn't it sweet?

Pretty soon I was using my macro setting to find rusty abstract designs in the machinery.  These are for Ruby Tuesday, with the green one as contrast.

You can see more Ruby Tuesday images here.  Have a happy day.


  1. It's abstract art! I love the old toy tractor. Why does rust give things so much character?

  2. superb! i love rusty old machinery and pass an old tractor every so often. for some reason there's something comes between me and photographing it. lucky you to find such a visual treasure. steven


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