Saturday, September 11, 2010

A vegetable painting project

I'm preparing to do a series of water colour paintings from a community garden, and I'm quite excited about it.   I met a woman who has been involved for a number of years with creating a community garden in a little park behind our favorite coffee shop.  The cafe and the City of Victoria helped out and the volunteers created a  garden in the inner city park that offers everyone an opportunity to see food being grown.  The produce and flowers are for anyone to enjoy and pick.  I love this idea.

Jackie suggested that I do some paintings of based on the garden and hang them in the coffee shop.  So that's just what I'm doing.  So far I've taken about 400 photographs of the garden and now I'm beginning to develop some paintings.  I think it will be very fun to work on this during the dark winter evenings, especially the images of sun kissed flowers and vegetables in the summer garden. These are a few of the images I'm going to work with.


  1. What a fabulous project. I like the idea of 'being in the garden' during those gray days of winter. Can't wait to see your work.

  2. You've captured the blush of the blooms and stalks, and leaves. You must take some photos of your paintings when you're finished.

  3. Exciting news !

    be sure to post on your progress...

    cheers, parsnip


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