Monday, September 20, 2010

A weekend in the clouds

My weekend was spent with three close friends in the clouds at our cabin on Saturna Island's Brown Ridge.  It's nearly the highest point of this lovely gulf island and the view is incredible on a fine day.  But when it's cloudy or rainy it looks quite different.This was what we drove up into on Saturday morning.  The clouds roll up from the ocean below and engulf the land.

It makes for some lovely walks--just so long as you don't lose your footing on the wet grass.

 Aren't these ghostly trees?

We spent much of the day in the cabin cooking and eating and laughing and talking--a very restful way to pass the time.  Later on the sun peeked out and a rainbow appeared.  We were able to sit outside in the afternoon sun.

Here's the view looking down on the clouds blowing away.  If you click to enlarge this you'll see the four ravens who put on an aerobatics show for us. It was a fabulous weekend.


  1. That fog is very atmospheric. Lovely! A visit to Saturna is even more daunting now with the tale of the treacherous wet grass.

  2. Don't worry about the grass Stephanie. We mostly walk along the goat trails--they've got packed earth for footing.

  3. The fog seems like a veil on the land. I love the way the rainbow and cloud seem to form an X to mark the spot. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.


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