Thursday, March 10, 2011

Turning the corner on our renovation

We've been at this work for almost seven months now and we're finally turning the corner on the renovation.  Now when we look around we are seeing some things nearing completion.  Today we put the cupboard doors on one of the kitchen cabinets and on Monday the new countertops are going to be installed.

We've been helped in this push forward by Harry's son Ben, who is an accomplished carpenter, having worked for a renovations company on and off for a few years now.  Ben started working with Harry at age 15, helping dig ditches and shovel cement.  He also works as a photographer and filmmaker so we're lucky to have him available for a couple of weeks to help us turn the corner.

We call Ben the 5C helper:  competent, creative, conscientious, cheerful, and cash-strapped.  Having him around for the past two weeks has made a huge difference in our progress at Yukon Street.  The photos above are from before Ben started to help us out.  Soon I'll post some updates so you'll see the progress we're making.


  1. Looks like it is coming along! Is this something you are moving into or are you flipping it, renting? Good luck with the completion of your project.

  2. Well congratulations !
    I know how you feel when you see more thing done and less things to tear up.

    Having lived through way too many remodels, my x was an architect so we would fix-up and move I never really got to enjoy the finished project because there was always something to rip apart.

    cheers, parsnip


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