Thursday, September 15, 2011

Magical Saturna retreat

Last week we escaped to Saturna Island with a few friends for a peaceful time in the late summer heat.  Here are just a few photos to share this magical time.

We spent a lot of time outside at the edge of the ridge, playing with the dogs, taking photographs, sitting and watching the boats down in Plumper Sound, sipping wine, talking and laughing.  The dogs were in heaven, of course, with all the extra attention.  That evening we sat out on the deck as the sun set and moon rose and then the stars.  It was so beautiful and warm and peaceful.  

The next day we took a drive down to Saturna Beach and the winery, where we had lunch on the terrace, and then walked up to my relative's farm.   They've been farming there since 1946.

This is Boots, their newest Border Collie

These last two photos are from the little wharf beside the ferry dock.  There wasn't a breath of wind the whole time we were up there.   Beautiful reflections everywhere.



  1. Wonderful photo essay of your island retreat, Joanna. The light in the photos makes them glow.

  2. Wonderful photos.
    The last two where spectacular. And I agree about the light.
    What s funny I am as old as your relative's farm (1947) what a beautiful area.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. what a world within this world! steven


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