Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Complementary colors

Over at the Kat Eye View blog, she's exploring the color wheel and creating dynamic color schemes using complementary colors and triadic variation.

A true complementary scheme uses colors from opposite sides of the color wheel.  Like orange and blue shown here (from Venice).

Or red and green like this one (from the farmhouse we stayed at just outside of Lucca).

Triadic variation is using two of the three colors in a triad on the color wheel.  Could be blue and red, orange and purple, or (as here) orange and green.  

As you know, I love color and was happy to go through my archives and discover some examples of these colors in my photos from Italy.  This one was taken at the Campo di Fiori market in Rome.

Kat is doing a series on Exploring with a Camera at her very excellent blog.

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  1. So happy to have you joining in with Exploring with a Camera, Joanna. I love the color you found in your archives. And from Italy too - awesome! (Sorry for my delay, I'm just now back from Chicago!)


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