Monday, October 17, 2011

White grape jelly

This year our most recently planted grape vine overwhelmed us with lovely fruit.  Sorry, I can't tell you what kind of grape it is because it was given to me a couple of years ago.  The grapes were planted for their appearance as they climb over a little arbor on the side of the garden shed. 

We never even thought they'd taste good--but they do.  They're really sweet and tasty.  

I picked three big boxes of them to give away and there were still some left over.  In the end I decided to make grape jelly with the leftovers.  I did this last year with grapes from my other vine so I knew what to do.  It's really not that hard.

Pick the grapes, wash the grapes, put them in a pan and mash them, then place in the jelly bag to drain their juice overnight.

The next morning, boil the juice up with pectin and sugar, put in the sterilized jars--and you're done!

Here's what the finished product looks like.  Isn't that a lovely color?  And I have to say that this jelly is absolutely delectable.  Don't you wish you were on my Christmas list?


  1. So envious that you have a garden shed with grape vines.
    Beautiful photos. The grapes look so lovely, was this the first year they had fruit ?

    When I bought my home 5 years ago there was a grape vine growing that was very neglected. The first year there were small purple grapes but before I could see if they were good a Cardinal family moved in and devoured them in two days. Plus various critters and scorpions like to hide out in the vines so I had them ripped out.
    You live in a more civilized area that I do.

    The jam you made does look fabulous and who ever is on your Christmas list is indeed lucky.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. that's it? really? i have never preserved a thing in my life - well except my sanity!!! steven

  3. Hi Parsnip,
    Yes, this was the first year the vine gave us more than a few grapes. I don't know that we live in a more civilized area--our long grey rainy winters are kind of a trade-off!

    Hi Steven,
    It's really quite simple to make preserves--although I agree the preservation of sanity is probably more valuable.

  4. I don't know which is prettier: the vine over the shed, the grapes in the basket or those lovely jars of jelly.


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