Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saltspring Island's Apple Festival

It was all about apples last Sunday on Saltspring Island.  Their annual apple festival was taking place all over the island and we took the ferry over to spend the day.  We started off in their community hall with  displays of over 200 varieties of apples.  Fascinating to see all the different types.  

I got to taste some baked in a pie.  Mine was baked with Wolf apples and it was excellent.   The pie ladies are a Saltspring Island institution.  This year they baked something like 300 pies.

There were lots of people checking out the apples, some from Victoria and some locals.  I think these two might be locals, based on their dress and hairstyle.  (Saltspring is one of the last bastions of the 60s counterculture, although I have to say Victoria has its share as well.)

After visiting the Fulford Hall displays we drove around to visit some farms.  This one had some beautifully colored varieties of apples.

As well as eggs.  These eggs are from various types of chickens who spend their lives outdoors on "The Indolent Poultry Farm."

At other locations we got to try apple tarts...

Wander around old fashioned farms....

See children's encounters with the farm animals....

And taste different varieties of apples...


... plus other delicious treats.

We had a lovely time!

If you're out this way the first weekend in October, don't miss Saltspring's Apple Festival.


  1. What fun this must have been! 200 varieties of apples is amazing to think about. I am used to less than 10 in the local grocery store. And all the pies and tarts! I bet there are some great recipes to be discovered with a little taste testing. I love your picture of the old truck BTW.

  2. It looks like a perfect way to spend a fall day!

  3. Every year I promise myself I'm going to get to an apple festival. I haven't made it yet! Too looks like so much fun.

  4. Such a fun post today and I am envious.

    I rarely eat apples anymore because they are usually tasteless and seem to be mealy. When I do buy them it is only to bake with or to cook with Pork.

    My blog friends in the UK and now you are talking about so many different varieties that I have never even knew about and yet we in the Southwest only seem to get the same two or three kinds of apples year in and year out. Boring, tasteless fruit.

    What a lovely way to spend a day. Thanks for taking us along.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. joanna - such a dreamy post. i love apples and especially apple pies and tarts. steven


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