Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Art, canals and bicycles

We are loving our time in Amsterdam in spite of the rain. It's so amazing to see the exhibits of impressionist painters and more than 75 Van Gough's drawings and paintings at the Hermitage museum. And then to tour Rembrandt's actual house and see the rooms where hecreated his etchings and paintings.

Most of our day was spent walking in the Centrum and marveling at the masses of bicycles. There are 770,000 people in Amsterdam and 600,000 bikes--and most of them are in the centre of the city.

This morning it's raining again but we're not letting it dampen our enthusiasm for exploring Amsterdam on our last day in Europe. A canal tour and Anne Frank's house are on our agenda.


  1. Lucky you... I have always wanted to visit Amsterdam but haven't had the chance.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I wish we had planned a little better on our trip to Scotland, but we never got out of the Amsterdam time! What a lovely end to a great trip for you guys!


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