Sunday, October 7, 2012

The 15th Century Tower

One of the coolest things about Italy is that there are ruins scattered everywhere around the countryside, not just in the famous places. We were driving along a minor country road the other day and spotted the silhouette of tower on the hilltop. As we were wondering about it I saw a small direction sign pointing to "Il torre XV" so we followed it up some hills to a small village built around a triangular 15th Century tower.

We know nothing about it except that towers and fortresses were built all over the country to protect kingdoms during the time Italy was a mass of fortified cities. This one is remarkably well preserved.

Here you can see the contemporary hamlet built around it.

And here's what we saw from the bottom.

I imagine from the top you could see all the way to the Adriatic if you looked to the east.


  1. How exciting driving down a road and you get to see this beautiful tower. What a great surprise.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Such a view! But the thing that grabbed my attention was the puffy little clouds seeming to float very low over the landscape. Your trip has been full of such beauty.


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