Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dog walking in the fog and rain

Even though it's rainy and drippy and we'd rather be curled up with a nice cup of tea, the dogs still need to go for a walk.  And once we get our coats and hats on and head out the door we find it's really quite pleasant to tramp about the neighbourhood.  Of course I bring my camera and this is what we've seen over the past few rainy, foggy days.

Trees in the mist...

Dripping snowberries

                                                                                 Puddles reflecting the sky...

Water running down the arbutus trunks

Lovely leaf mosaics

Woodland beauty is everywhere, even in the suburbs!


  1. We live in the best place...even when it rains!

  2. Your photos are always wonderful but I think the first photo is one of your best.
    What a wonderful composition and the little pop of red draws you right in.

    Perfect !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thanks Parsnip, I liked that bit of red too and cropped the photo so as to keep it there.


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