Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lampe Berger

My sister gave me a special Christmas gift this year--a lampe berger.  It's a fragrance lamp that purifies and scents the air in your home.  Although it's been around for well over 100 years, I'd never heard of it before.  Here you can see it on the counter.  Inside the metal cap there's a little ceramic disk that somehow diffuses scented oil through a kind of burning process that also removes odours and purifies the air. The interesting thing to me is that there is no flame after the first couple of minutes.  You light the disk that's attached to a wick but after a few minutes you blow it out and the disk continues to use the oil and create some warmth.

The Lampe Berger was invented in 1898 by a Parisian pharmacist and new designs of bottles have been produced since then.  These ones were from the 1930s.

You can choose from around 20 different scented oils or else burn a neutral one.  Mine came with a cinnamon orange scent that's very pleasant at this time of year.  I lit the lamp and burned it for about 10 minutes in each room and it's very effective.  The effect will last for several hours I'm told.  And that's a good thing with the two dogs living in the house with us!

If you want to read more about this unique gift, you can do so here.

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