Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter berries

When we think of winter berries, what usually comes to mind is the holly. But here in BC there are winter berries in white and a lovely mauve.

The white berries are the snowberries, often the closest we get to snow here in winter.  They are native to BC and grow wild in woodland areas.  

Here they are against a solstice sky of blue.   

And to the right, you can see them along the roadside giving the impression of a snow flurry.

Then there are these berries that grow on a tree which I think is called Beauty Bush, although I'm not sure.  I found these in a park and their colour is truly stunning.  The photo is in bright sunlight so it's a bit washed out.  The one below shows more the true colour. It's so dramatic in the winter landscape. 

 I didn't dare pick any of these mauve berries as they were in a park but yesterday I gathered some of the snowberries for my winter bouquets.  And I changed out the snowman from my square wreath and added some snowberries, holly and skimmia berries.  I actually like it better with the all-natural look.


  1. I love the natural look to ! Very festive.
    Merry Christmas.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Oh, the snowberries are much better!
    The purple berries are on the Beautyberry shrub (callicarpa) which is sort of weed-ish, like the butterfly bush. Apparently it grows wild in some parts of the US. We have one in our garden and the berries are truly beautiful - especially against the snow.


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