Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We are doomed

WARNING:  A rant on environmental destruction--with a little philosophy at the end.

So Chairman Harper approved the controversial takeover of Nexxen, Canada's fossil fuel giant by the Chinese.  It appears he is forging ahead with his agenda of selling Tar Sands oil to China without any consideration of the ruin it spells for our environment and the massive outcry of Canadian citizens.

First he gutted our coastal environmental protections, now he signs over a Canadian Company to the Chinese.  Next he'll sign the FIPA Agreement with China opening us up to million dollar law suits if we inhibit China's profit making here.  That paves the way for the approval of pipelines and tanker traffic on our coast.  I woke up in the middle of the night realizing that we are doomed.
Our Canadian Government has its head in the sand about climate change, as do all governments.  Nothing is going to turn this ship around because we are addicted to consumption.  Not just in North America but all over the world.  
Just yesterday Elizabeth May, our Green Party MP made a statement in the House of Commons about global warming.  It's short and to the point.  You can read it here.
But what really got me thinking was the comment posted on her blog by someone I had never heard of before.  His name is Guy McPherson and he speaks bluntly about the sixth great extinction.  This comment is obviously distilled from many years of thinking about the future of humankind on our earth.  I looked up some of his writings.  He and others are not afraid to speak the truth--but we are all afraid to hear it.  

"The privilege to be here, on this life-giving planet at this astonishing time in human history, is sufficient to inspire awe in the most uncaring of individuals. At this late juncture in the age of industry, at the dawn of our day on Earth, we still have love: love for each other, love for our children and grandchildren, love for nature. One could argue it is all we have left.

Those who pull the levers in this life-destroying culture care about power to a far greater extent than they care about love. This culture will not know peace. It is much too late for love to extend our run as a culture or a species...but love surely offers redemption to individual humans.

Will we, as individuals, know peace? That’s up to us. I suggest most of us will know peace only when we find ourselves lying helpless in the broken arms of our doomed Earth."--Guy McPherson

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