Monday, March 11, 2013

Back in the flow

We are surfacing again after the flu. It took a while.  Saturday's lovely sunny weather helped I think.
I was able to sit outside on my patio in the late afternoon sun after doing some garden clean-up.  The grey weather this time of year is so depressing.

On Saturday it felt like we'd turned the corner into spring, but Sunday morning dawned grey and dreary so it was just a glimpse.  Still that's enough to get me out into the garden.

And I'm now going to painting class twice a week and am beginning to get into the flow there too.  Here are a couple of my works in progress.  You can see I'm into reds these days.  Maybe something to do with re-energizing after the flu bugs have departed.

These photos are taken with my new little Panasonic Lumix camera.  My Canon G12 bit the dust while we were in Mexico. I was a little disappointed as it was less than two years old but I must admit that I had taken thousands of photographs so maybe it was just worn out.  To repair it would have cost more than the camera cost new. This new little one was on sale and had a longer zoom lens and fits easily in my purse.  


  1. So happy to hear your feeling better.
    The new camera sound great. I would like a long zoom and still be able to put the camera in purse or pocket.
    Interesting that your painting are red, maybe it is to combat all the gray weather you have been having ?
    cheers, parsnip

  2. Hey Parsnip, I think you may be right about the colors in the painting and the grey weather.

  3. I agree with parsnip...the reds are a great antidote to the gray days we've been having. It is warm, though, and the little green shoots are getting bolder.


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