Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Warm, wet weather: aka the Pineapple Express

The weather forecast is the same for each day this week:  RAIN.  The temperatures however are in the 50s (Fahrenheit) so we'll call it signs of spring.  The Pineapple express brings warm temperatures and rain from Hawaii to Vancouver Island.

Yesterday it actually dried out for an hour or two and we took the dogs into the woods.  Here's what it looked like.  There are leaves on the Indian Plum and the Arbutus bark is being washed clean. I love the look of the wet Arbutus trunks, it really intensifies the red and green colours.

And of course there is moss growing everywhere, especially on the big cedar and fir tree trunks.

It's spring, west coast style. 


  1. Glad to see the Indian plum. I've been meaning to get to the woods for a closer look. Better get going or I'll miss the magic.

  2. I love to see your pictures and I should come back much more often than I do. Your spring is much more advanced than ours in Norfolk, UK, but although we had two days of 50s last week, we've been back in the 30s this. Never mind, it looks more springlike daily.

    Are you Blogging from A to Z thi syear? I hope to see you there!

    All the best
    Jemima at Jemima's Blog


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