Saturday, May 18, 2013

Life on the farm

Just in case you think we don't do anything but drink coffee and read magazines and play with the dogs, I'm showing you some images of life on our farm.

Here's Harry digging in the garden by the shed that we've spruced up.

You can see it complete with flowers and vegetable plantings, including a teepee for the Scarlet Runners made by Sue.  In fact this garden is pretty much Sue's work.  She lives downstairs from us and is an avid veggie gardener.  Today I purchased four different basil plants that we'll put in once this cooler weather is finished. That sprayer sitting on the lawn is to deal with the little green worms that are eating the apple and plum leaves. Work on the farm just never ends.

And here's what we were doing last week:  painting the kitchen ceiling.  It hadn't been painted since before we moved here seven years ago.  Badly overdue; now it's done.

So you see, its ok that we're now spending some days dallying in elegant coffee shops.


  1. Your garden area is lovely! Doesn't it feel good to get outside and dig in the dirt?!

  2. Yes Linda, it's one of the best ways to lift my mood. Plus it achieves results.

  3. A neat place to live in!

    Painting the ceilings willnever, ever be fun.


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