Friday, May 17, 2013

What to do on a rainy day

After our stretch of lovely weather it was a shock to wake up this morning to drizzle that turned into full-blown rain.  So what to do?

We had planned to go down to the inner harbour and hear a free performance of a Mariachi band from Jalisco but it was raining hard when we got there so no surprise that the band didn't show. I think those musicians would be reluctant to take their instruments out in the rain. It's not something they encounter much in Mexico.

So we wandered into a cafe that we hadn't been to before. And we loved sitting in this European-inspired spot sipping lovely cups of coffee,  nibbling on a wholesome blueberry muffin, and reading back issues of local magazines.

Then we drifted around through the touristy part of town enjoying some new views. It's amazing how things can change in a season or two.

On the way home we stopped to do a couple of errands. One was at the Industrial Plastics store where I bought some plastic scrapers for my studio.

These little yellow guys do a good job of scraping the acrylic paint off of the plastic that I've laid down over my old desk to create a working space. You can see them there at the bottom right, along with some of my works in progress.

The rest of the afternoon was spent experimenting with paint.  I'm spending more time each week doing these exercises.  Someday soon I may even come up with a painting.

In any case, by late afternoon the sun came out so we could play with dogs in the yard. Now we're looking forward to a springy-summery weekend.



  1. I think I remember the second photo, water with fountain, from a post last year ? still looks lovely.
    Your yard is beautiful and have fun with your gud dugs !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Lovely shots. I really do like that water fountain....


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