Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A trip up-island

We live at the south end of Vancouver Island so a trip up-island means we're headed north over the steep and twisty Malahat highway.  Our destination was Comox, where our friends Paul and Wendy live in a secluded forested location right beside a beautiful marsh. They are surrounded by song birds and blackbirds and tame deer and rabbits and squirrels. We spent one evening sitting on the shady deck sipping wine and watching birds come to their feeders. Bliss.

The following day we went to the music festival but I've posted about that before so this time I'm sharing photos of the marsh, the birds, and Paul and Wendy's garden.

The garden has to be completely fenced because of wandering deer and other creatures. They are growing some beautiful things there: food like these berries (plus the salad greens, squashes etc.) as well as flowers like the day lilies seen below.  The garden is surrounded by tall fir trees that create a sanctuary feeling.

On our return trip we stopped at Parksville, the location of the 32nd annual Canadian Open Sand Sculpting Competition.  Parksville has miles of lovely sandy beach and this is a summer destination for people on Vancouver Island.

We know one of the competitors, Ken Abrams, who also designed the arch for our garden.  Here he is beside he and his partner's entry, titled In the Groove.
Since this is an international competition, some of the carvers are professionals.  Here are a couple of entries from teams that came from Europe.

This one on the right is based on the song Fly Me to the Moon.  And on the left, Breaking Through, shows women playing wind instruments emerging from blocks. All the carvings had a musical theme.

What amazing creativity and beauty can be found on a trip up-island!


  1. Those sand carvings are astonishing!

  2. Now I know better were you live.
    Wonderful photos.

    cheers, parsnip


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