Friday, July 4, 2014

Dogs at the lake on Canada Day

On Tuesday, we took the dogs to the lake to enjoy the beautiful warm weather and celebrate Canada Day.  We have a special section of the beach far away from the families and kids. This is where Geordie learned to swim last year. And he's very dedicated to the job. After bringing the stick back to shore he drops it at my feet and then turns back to the water to wait for the next throw.

I think he would do it all day if he could, but we stop the game when he begins to shiver with fatigue.

My sister's dog Zoe loves swimming too.  She's a Sheltie so has shorter legs and has to move them even faster to make progress with her big stick.

When she gets to shore, she stands and barks at Jan to throw the stick again.

Both dogs spent a happy hour dashing into the water and retrieving their sticks.  We had fun too, both tossing sticks and walking along the lake while the dogs dried off.  The other Sheltie, Charlotte, doesn't enjoy swimming but likes to go for a little lakeside walk.

After our time at the lake we came home to drinks and dinner on the deck overlooking our new brick wall.

A bonus of the day was that two out of three dogs came home clean and tired out.

It was a great way to spend Canada Day.


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