Sunday, January 4, 2015

Arriving in Mazatlan

This is what we saw out the window as the plane landed on Friday afternoon. It was quite a change from the freezing cold and clouds we left behind in Vancouver.

We quickly explored our second floor apartment in the older centro part of Mazatlan and found it to be just fine for our purposes.  It's very Mexican with heavy dark ornate furniture but it's spacious and clean and comfortable, with tile floors that will be easy to manage and cool.

There's even a little balcony that gets morning sun with some gorgeous flowers that attract birds--a perfect place for a morning cup of tea.

The first item on our agenda was to head out to the First Friday Art Walk to see if we could find our friend Peggy. We met her last time we were here five years ago and we wanted to surprise her by appearing at her gallery space. Sadly she wasn't there as she's away until next week.  But we did see a bit of art and crafts in some of our old haunts--plus found a new one.  

This little spot is in an old building in the historic area that now serves as a gallery and bar/restaurant. It's called Delirium with an interesting menu of Mexican and contemporary international food. We both had tacos with some unique and delicious fillings.  
The art walk gave us a chance to pick up some info and pamphlets about goings on here in the old town. There seems to be even more happening than there was when we were last here.  

Just new this year is a weekly organic market and it's held in a little plaza only two blocks from our apartment.
So early Saturday morning we headed over there to find two fine musicians playing music under the bandstand, tables set up where we could have organic coffee and pie as well as quite a few stands selling organic products.  I also found out that they have drop in yoga classes here two mornings a week.  

We are really happy to be here in the old town area. Last time we stayed in the Golden Zone, an area full of tourists on two week packages who were here to drink, shop and hit the beach.  But the Gringos that stay here are mostly here for a few months and are more involved in the life of the city.  
I think we'll find there's lots to do and see.  


  1. Looks and sounds wonderful Senora! :)

  2. the 'sister restaurants' De'Lish, Devour and Delirium
    I love the yellow wall in your apartment


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