Saturday, January 10, 2015

Morning at Playa Norte

The walk begins here at the end of our street. Fishermen have parked their bikes along the Malecon while they attend to their catch below the wall.  The Malecon is the name for walkway along the water. It stretches for miles northward to the beginning of the Golden Zone. Above that the casitas are built right on the beach.
 But where we live the Malecon is the place to walk along just above the beach and observe the goings on.  You can ride your bike or stroll along or stop to watch the exercise classes.   

When you get to the Fishermen's Monument there are stairs leading down to the beach.

At this time of day it's not very crowded, although there is a lot of bird life.

This little sandpiper is a great entertainer skipping in and out of the waves.

Since it's Saturday the kids are at the beach already, chasing each other in and out of the waves as well.

The little restaurants along this part of the beach are getting ready for the crowds, setting the tables and chairs out on the sand. It's a warm day so I expect they'll have a lot of customers.

Back up on the sidewalk I spot a pelican stretching his wings below the wall.

And on the wall there's a fellow sleeping off last night's excess. Friday and Saturday nights here seem to include a fair bit of drinking. 

One last look at the water and it's time to head home and make a pot of tea.


  1. I love the pelican.
    When I lived in Laguna Beach on Crescent Bay I was able to see the Pelicans fly by every evening to Seal Rock in the Bay. You could hear the seals barking and the Pelicans didn't seen to mind.
    I miss them.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Pelicans are so amazing. We don't have them in British Columbia. I love to watch them diving for fish.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to your neighbourhood. Great photos as always! I got a new camera this Xmas too - the newest model of the Panasonic Lumix - so am having fun playing with it.

    1. Hi Jennifer. The Panasonic Lumix is a great camera. The older model is the one I dropped but this time I chose the smaller Sony. So far I'm liking it and it fits really easily into a pocket.

  4. oh, the pelican! you captured him/her perfectly.

  5. Thanks Jackie. It was actually a bit of a fluke.


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