Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another new thing

Victoria's Inner Harbour is a very busy place, with float planes, whale watching, sailboats kayaks, tour boats, water taxis and more. Not to mention tourists, and on the Labour Day weekend there was also a blues music festival happening.  We continued our efforts to try new things by taking a two hour kayak tour of the area.

A lot of people around Victoria have kayaks and use them in the protected waters for recreation. It's something we're thinking of taking up, and this was our first try. It was a guided tour with that goes up a sheltered inlet and under a few bridges. Lots of fun.

Here's Harry learning how to adjust the rudder pedals before we started off. We were in a double kayak with Harry steering from the back. That's my seat in front of him in the green kayak.

I thought I'd take more pictures but I was too busy paddling. Here's one from the bow of our kayak lookinig towards the other boats in our group. That's Jeremy, our tour leader on the left.

We experienced a bit of wind and some waves coming back into the harbour at the end of the tour, but it was manageable. Now that we've had a bit of an introduction we feel we'll be ok to rent one on our own next time and practice a bit more. But maybe we'll wait until the spring. Summer's definitely over here. We've had rain and much cooler temperatures. We even turned some heaters on yesterday.

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