Thursday, September 3, 2015

Trying new things in Victoria

You know how it is when you live in a place for a long time; you just operate on autopilot and do the same old things without trying something new. Well we've decided to expand a bit and we recently tried two new things.

First we went to Herman's Jazz Club, a Victoria institution since 1986. For some reason, even though we like jazz, we've never been there. Until last week when we went with my sister and her friends to see two amazing women jazz singers. The venue is comfortable and kind of old fashioned and a great place to see jazz played. It's welcomed singers like Diana Krall, Jane Bunnett and Hugh Fraser and even though the founder, Herman Nieweler, is no longer alive (having died in June of this year). The place is still going strong.

A few scenes from our evening...

The highlight was Suzannah Adams, a young woman who lives down the street from my sister and who is just starting as a performing jazz singer. She is wonderful and fresh with a big adventurous voice.

What a great discovery, and it's so close to home too. We'll be going back there for sure.

Then on Monday we took a ride out to the Butterfly Gardens, a tourist attraction that's been operating for ten or more years. It's a jungle full of butterflies, birds, and turtles and it's a pleasure to wander among them in the warm, soft humid air.

The birds are very tame and like to interact with the visitors. The butterflies not so much, although I was surprised at how many there were fluttering around.

They set out fruit for the butterflies to feed on so you can get very close, and one like this huge moth (whose name I can't remember) are in screened cages.

There were displays with many chrysalises where butterflies were emerging before your very eyes, and many of this variety fluttering everywhere.

Plus some most amazing tropical flowers.

 We thought this would be a good place to go visit in the depths of a cold, rainy winter. Kind of like a quick trip to the tropics.

I'm sure there are other places in town that we could visit as well. Do you have any places in your town that you've never experienced?


  1. We have The Botanical Gardens (very Arizona based) that have a special Butterfly House. Like you I have been amazed by the Butterflies and Moths. Plus the whole flowering jungle is just so different from Tucson. Plus the tiny golden fish, frogs and Koi so beautiful.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. The birds and butterflies are very colourful, and I would enjoy that club.

    I have lived here in Ottawa for years, and only paid a visit to Rideau Hall last month for the first time. It's a wonderful place.


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