Monday, September 21, 2015

Lunenburg moments

Brightly painted wooden buildings

Plump rose hips against red clapboards

The Bluenose was in port

But she cast off for a little tourist trip (at a cost of $45 per person). We stayed ashore.

The wharves with colourful buildings behind.

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic on the dock.

We went aboard this dory fishing boat, carrying 12 dories. 

Below decks in the forward cabin where the dorymen slept and ate.

The fisherman's life was incredibly hard. We found out about it from this fellow, Captain Harold Moore, who had fished in a dory off a tender like this when he was a teenager.

This very old church burned to the ground in 1982  and was rebuilt within a few years. 

A view across the water to Lunenburg. It reminded us a bit of Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula but is much, much older.  An amazing place.


  1. An amazingly colourful town! I'd love to visit again!

  2. It's amazing how they make those bold colores work in the first picture.

    I love how everything in that town is so beautifully crafted!


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