Thursday, February 1, 2018

Up into the hills

This morning we took a four hour bus ride up into the hills from the steamy beach town. Tonight we are staying in a lovely hotel in the colonial centre of Uruapan, a 500 year old city of about the size of Victoria. Probably you've never heard of Uruapan. Neither had we really, although we'd seen it on a map when were travelling down here with the motor home. It's not really on the tourist track at all, but it's perfect for us tonight--because the air is cool. In fact we wore our jackets tonight and I added a scarf. What a treat!  (No, I haven't grown, but I'm standing in a doorway in a 17th Century building.)

And below is the courtyard of our hotel with old wooden beams and a fountain in the middle.

There's not a tourist in sight, aside from us. We spent the evening walking around the central part of the city and admiring the architecture which is mainly adobe buildings, many of them with carved wooden details. There are some very old churches here and one of them is now a craft museum. That's on our agenda tomorrow, along with a stroll through a large park with waterfalls that's right in the middle of town. It's nice to be exploring again.

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