Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Civita di Bagnoregio

Synchronicity is the operative word here.  Just the other day I had and email form Kat Sloma,  my blog friend  who has been living in Italy for the past two years.  She wrote a note with some suggestions for places to visit in Italy that are a bit off the beaten path.  One of the places she mentioned was Civita di Bagnoregio, which I'd never heard of before.  I didn't have time to follow up but just yesterday I discovered that Kath, who we'll be visiting with in her rented farmhouse in Umbria has a view over the valley to the little "disappearing" town of Civita di Bagnoregnio.  Kath says it's just beautiful--and it's where she goes to get her cappucino in the morning.  How's that for synchronicity?

Tomorrow is our last day in Victoria--a day to connect with the housesitters, get our Euros, and finish packing our bags.  I've been given an iPad for my birthday to take along with us on the trip.  It won't be as easy as a computer but I'm hoping to be able to post some pictures to this blog.  We are planning to travel light--with just one carry-on bag each.  This is a challenge for me as I always bring way too many clothes.  The trick is to figure out what I'll feel like wearing in a completely different climate and place.  I think it will be warm so I have to think summer even though it's still cool and moist here.

Next time I post it will likely be from Florence, Italy.  See you then.


  1. enjoy the journey with all its synchronicities and surprises. steven

  2. I can't wait to see your pics from Italy!


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