Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Poppies under the plum tree

These bright  poppies bloom all summer under the plum tree in my back yard.  My friend dug up a little clump for me a couple years ago and they're happily spreading and reseeding there.

Around dinner time the setting sun lights them up like jewels.

Most of them are yellow but a few orange ones are popping up now. Aren't they lovely? 

I'm linking this post to Garden Tuesday so if you're inclined you can go to see other garden delights.


  1. Oh Joanna, Thank You so much for these lovely photos. How wonderful that the poppies love where they are and have happily reseeded.
    Lucky you !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I have never notice any poppies except the red ones, which I love. These are also pretty, thanks.

  3. Poppies grow reliably for me at altitude,too, and give me much pleasure. I love the last bud shot with the sun lighting the bloom.

  4. they're super lovely joanna. steven

  5. That last photo is truly stunning! I, too, love these poppies which are so happy to live and multiply in our garden. Jewels is an apt word.

  6. Thank you for linking up! I grew poppies one year and I loved them, I don't know why I don't try them again.

  7. The last pic is my absolute fav - soooo lovely! How long will it be until you turn it into a painting...hmmm...unless you brought paints with you, I might beat you to it!

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