Sunday, December 4, 2011

Even in December

December brings its own beauty in the woods and the garden, even above the 49th parallel.  Although  though the trees have dropped their leaves and the garden is going to sleep, new things appear.

Like the lovely snowberries that glisten like Christmas decorations in the woods...

And the delicate viburnum flower, budding here in my friend's yard.

I'm linking these to macro monday at Lisa's Chaos, where people post closeup shots once a week.  Check it out for other macros.  


  1. Love your wee white berries and beautiful flower.

  2. Terrific shots. How lovely to have flowers blooming in December!

  3. Beautiful.
    The Snowberries I can understand but... the Viburmum looks out of place (for me) in a cold snowy wintry climate.

    What do I know I live in a desert ?

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Gorgeous shot of the viburnum blossom!

    Happy Macro Monday

  5. Bardzo ładne zdjęcia, a drugie jest urocze. Pozdrawiam


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