Thursday, December 29, 2011

Panetone and other delights

For years I've been seeing these beautiful  boxes in the stores at Christmas time.  But I didn't really know what it was, only that it's an Italian seasonal tradition.  This year I was given one by my son's girlfriend, whose family indulges in this delicious cake for breakfast.  This one is from Milan, where the cake originated.  Isn't the box lovely?

And here's what was inside the box.  It's a tall cake, rich and soft, loaded with golden raisins and candied fruit.  Sweet but not cloying and easy to pull apart with your fingers for a nibble.  I think this is one treat that will become part of our Christmas tradition too.

We've had a wonderful time visiting with Jamie and Brooke, who are here from Vancouver for the holidays.  And to continue on the Italian theme, tonight I'm making a five course Italian dinner for them and for our other son Ben and his girlfriend Katy.

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  1. I love Panetone ! My family not so much. They always buy me one for Christmas though.
    This year I bought a tiny one just enough for me.
    I love it lightly toasted in the morning with a cup of coffee... perfect !

    One year a friend had several left over, it seemed everyone gave her one for the Holidays. She made bread pudding with them which sounds wonderful.
    This would never happen at my home hahahah but I thought maybe I could buy some on holiday sales but then I would eat it all and my waist would suffer !
    Woe is me....

    I have never had this brand and the box is indeed beautiful !

    cheers, parsnip


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