Sunday, December 18, 2011

Posting from Paia

We're sitting in the Paia Bay Cafe with internet access.  Outside this cozy place the cars are spashing through puddles.  We're on the rainy windward side of the island passing the time until our plane leaves tonight at 11:40 pm.  We'll fly through the night (hopefully sleeping) and arrive in Vancouver at 7:10 tomorrow morning (Vancouver time).  We've had a lovely escape.

I'll post some photos once we're home as I want to show you Io's needle, the sweet town of Paia, some lovely sunset and cloud photos and still more flower photos.  Here are just two to warm your day.


  1. I love the little town of Paia. I especially love Macawao. We share a condo (near the aquarium) with friends, so we have the great pleasure of being in Maui often. In fact will head back there for two weeks at the end of the month. I hope your vacation there was lovely and warm. This time of year can go either way.

  2. Hola Amiga!

    We are missing you guys on Kauai. The weather's been great until today. We ditched our plans and set off to visit with Aaron and Laura "up island", and to check out Hanalei Bay. There was plenty of rainshine there but lots of spectacular scenery too. Tomorrow Aaron and Laura are driving down to go on the helicopter tour of Napali with Mark and I. We can't wait. Really lovely pictures you've posted. Hope you guys enjoyed your trip and had an uneventfuly, sleepy ride home. Pats to your puppies from us. We got a little dog fix visiting with the puppies at the local animal shelter yesterday. mahalo, l+m

  3. Hi Nancy,
    We didn't get to Makawao but I looked it up and it sounds lovely. Next time.

    I saw your photo of the heli tour. Awesome. See you soon.



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