Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sidney by the Sea

Just 15 minutes north of us on the way to the ferries is the little town of Sidney.  They call it Sidney by the Sea now to attract tourists I guess, and it really is by the sea.  The main street heads right down to the wharf where you can buy fresh fish.  And to each side of the wharf there are walkways along the water.  We took the dogs there the other day for a little walk and here's the view.  

These are definitely winter skies and water but aren't the colors lovely?  I really like the leaden colors, especially when contrasted with the horizon of pink.

There's lots to see along the walkway; for example ducks of many varieties and driftwood transformed into art supplies to mark the location of the local arts council.


  1. It's so beautiful and peaceful looking. God's Country.

  2. I love always seems to be a bit slower paced there.


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