Friday, January 6, 2012

The darkest morning

This photo was taken out my back door today at 7:25.  You can see that dawn is only just beginning.  But its going to get lighter from now on.  Today is the darkest morning of the year.  Yes, I know--December 21st is the winter solstice and the shortest day in terms of number of hours of daylight.  But somehow the dusk and dawn hours swing around this solstice point.  December 6th is the day of the earliest sunset, the darkest afternoon.  And January 6th is the day of the latest dawn, the darkest morning.

I'm pretty sure this is true because I've read about it and heard it on the radio.  Although most people I mention it to don't know this scientific fact.  If you live in a northern latitude you may have noticed that the afternoons are not as dark as they were in December.  And now, today, with the darkest morning we're coming out of the tunnel and into the light of 2012.

Please join me in welcoming the light.

PS:  Here's a link that explains this phenomenon.


  1. I agree...bring on the light!

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  3. From doing a little web research on this I find that the dates are more variable than I thought, but the concept is correct.

  4. It has been getting much lighter in the mornings here but we are very south of you.
    This is such a interesting post but I need to read it a few more time so I can understand it.
    But it will be getting lighter and that is what counts !
    Reminds me of my post about telling the temperature by counting the chirps of the cricket.

    cheers, parsnip


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