Saturday, January 14, 2012


Over at Exploring with a Camera, Kat is musing about windows and how they crop up in her photography.  I find they do so in mine as well so I thought I share a couple of images.

It seems the ones that call to me are the boarded up or empty ones though.  I wonder what Dr. Freud would have to say about that?

Boarded up window in Silver City, New Mexico

Garage in a back lane in the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver

Two views of empty windows in an abandoned dairy barn on Saltspring Island.

When we were in Italy in June I found myself taking lots of photos of windows in the old stone buildings.  Most of the windows there have very interesting shutters or bars and there's often lovely strings of laundry to look at as well.  These kind of windows always leave me guessing at what lies within.

This was taken in one of the villages at the Cinque Terre.

The view out our hotel room in Venice and a  sunny window in Pietra Santa in Tuscany.  These are more uplifting than the boarded up ones I think.

If you want to see more posts on photographing windows you can find them here.


  1. I like windows, too - and doors. They always leave me wondering about what's within.

  2. Hey, Joanna, Visiting via the wonderful Kat Sloma's website. I LOVE your shot of the window in Venice. The composition grabs me, as does the orange and green and patch of white. And, the great textures running through it all. What a beautiful, beautiful shot. Lovely to discover a fellow Canadian blogger! (I'm here in Toronto! :) All the best..Juli

  3. Beautiful...and every one tells a story. Even the abandoned ones invite me to imagine the people and events that built them.

  4. They all have a sense of mystery, even if not boarded up. I can see bits of the lives outside in the laundry but nothing else, making me more curious. Thanks so much for sharing in exploring with a camera!

  5. Windows are so beautiful. aren't they? I especially love your window on the mustard wall with green shutters. So pretty!

  6. Great you have the opportunity to have such a different windows in different places.

  7. I love the textures in those old boarded up windows as well, but there's just something more intriguing about those European windows. Love the laundry shot but even better is the lower one with the edge of the white sheet - excellent composition!

  8. I love the weathered look, there is a sense of lives lived in things like that. I am drawn more to that than the clean and structured look. I think my favorite photo is the last one at the bottom on the left. There are three elements there telling the story, the beautiful walls, the window and the worn linens hanging above. - Susan


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