Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Garden Tuesday Hellebore

For Garden Tuesday, I'm posting this photograph taken last week as part of my Finding Your Eye photography course.  Our assignment was to take 50 photos of the same subject.  I chose a Hellebore flower in a pot outside my favorite coffee shop.  I actually took more than 150 photos and this is just one.  If you want to see a few others you can go to my photojournal blog.  I'm so enjoying this course.  Part two begins next week.  I can't wait; I'm learning so much.


  1. Love how the light warms the green on the stem. This photo doesn't look like a gray day in January at all.

  2. I really like this photo and did click on your photo blog.
    Wonderful !
    Hopefully after all the government paper work I have to file is done I will really be able to check it out better.
    Your photo course sounds so very interesting. You sound like you are having a fun time with it.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Hi Joanna, It is a great exercise to try to take lots of pictures of a single subject. I try to do this all the time. I always pause midway and ask myself, "Now, have I looked at this subject in every way I possibly can? Is there a perspective or an angle I have missed." Often, I am surprised to discover which idea/angle worked the best.

  4. Your photographs are beautiful.. I know that much of the beauty of a good photograph is created by the photographer(being you) but may I ask what kind of Camera you are using to achieve your wonderful results.


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