Thursday, February 2, 2012


My life has many entanglements--even more than this grapevine.  And the past week has been spent trying to disentangle from most of them.  We're heading south in Mohita, our trusty old motorhome, along with the dogs and a stack of books and the camera.  The idea is to outrun the rain and the cold and spend a few weeks in a warmer, dryer climate.  Plus to explore and have fun along the way.

It sounds so simple to just jump in the motorhome and head south.  But as usual there as lots of details to take care of first.  I'm trying to get my volunteer and business responsibilities so they can be handled by others.  Then there's the house, the bills, the family, the kids, the vehicles, insurance etc., etc.  So many things to disentangle.  Sometimes I wish that I could just perch on the vines like this fat little quail I saw the other day.

I'm not complaining here.  I feel very lucky that we are physically and financially able to do this.

If things go well we'll head off on Sunday or Monday.  And I'll be posting about our trip en route.


  1. Your trip away sounds fun, even if you need a certain amount of time for all the preparations. It will all be worth it once you're on the road. I hope you find that warming sun! Please send some my way, we're getting Siberian temperatures blowing over here!

    I love the curly bits against the sky on your vines.

  2. Can't wait to see where your next trip takes you. I always enjoy seeing things through your (and the camera's) eye.


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