Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunday at the Oasis

We drove the back way into Tucson on highway 85 through Ajo, a lovely but isolated spot. It's a former copper mining town and has a charming historic plaza at its centre.   We stopped there on Sunday morning and admired the Spanish style art deco buildings around the grassy plaza.  It was a perfect place for breakfast and some doggie play time.

Here's Mohita posing in front of the Oasis Theatre.  The buildings are really special, enclosing three sides of the plaza.  Most of the store fronts are empty though, as if they're waiting for art galleries, coffee shops, restaurants and wine bars.  I can just image how charming it could be if it were to be fixed up. I think the mine still operates so there is some employment but the plaza was deserted on a Sunday morning except for a young woman with her toddler who came to play with Maggie.

There's such a peaceful feeling in this sleepy town.  It's about three hours from Tucson over a narrow road.  But even though it's pretty isolated it has its charm and quite a few people come to spend the winter here. 


This is our second full day in Tucson.  We met up with my blog buddy Parsnip for lunch yesterday and then went to the Tucson Botanical Garden in the afternoon.  I'll post some photos of that later.


  1. My husband's aunt and uncle live in Ajo during the winter months.

    It looks like you're having a good time.

  2. Hello from Ontario. Welcome to the A to Z challenge!

  3. Beautiful pics. Looking fwd to seeing more. Being from the East Coast, really enjoy all that is B.C. Am a newbie blogger and just joined the A-Z Challenge.


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