Friday, February 17, 2012

Visiting a lake and a border town

We spent a night at a lovely remote spot north of Yuma on the Colorado River.  It’s a state recreational area beyond the US Army’s proving ground where they test their armaments(!) and there are many RVs there.  The lake was lovely and it’s home to a herd of feral donkeys that have flourished there since the miners left.  We didn’t actually see them but through the night we could hear them braying. The reeds and the native fan palms are really lovely.

I took quite a few photos early one morning for my photography course; they're quite different from these ones.  You can see some more of them here
But the weather was cold and windy and we don’t have a functioning furnace so we headed back to Yuma yesterday.   This morning we took a quick walking trip across the border to Algodones in Mexico.  I was able to get some beautiful prescription sunglasses made in two hours at a cost of $160.  What a deal.
Tomorrow we’re off to see some galleries in Yuma and then we’ll head east again to Ajo.


  1. Those are lovely photos - all in blue light. I danced from one to the other trying to pick a favorite. Maybe the bird flying over the water? No, that tree with the grasses.

    What an interesting trip you're having so far.

  2. Thanks Steph, I am really ejoying pushing myself with this photography course.

  3. Still on the road and having fun, I see!


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