Saturday, February 11, 2012

Foggy day in the Napa Valley

The fog creates lovely silhouettes, especially contrasted against the brilliant yellow mustard growing in the field.

 It also makes the bright colours absolutely glow.

I'm linking this post to Exploring with a Camera where Kat is sharing information on how to create these dramatic kinds of photos.


  1. Be sure to show Harry that spooky place across the street from the B&B where we stayed in Calistoga!

  2. I love fog and trees together. Great photo op you had here! Such interesting shapes of the tree branches against the fog. Thanks for sharing in Exploring with a Camera!

  3. Beautiful photographs! It looks enchanting there in the valley.

  4. The bright yellow mustard field with the fog and trees in the background...lovely!

  5. exquisite layers, atmosphere and contrast (and light and color) ... oh so pretty.
    btw, my dog willow is an immediate relative of your sweet geordie. i'll try to share a shot of her sometime :)

  6. Love your silhouettes, Joanna. The first one is especially beautiful to me. The sense of mystery the fog creates, and in contrast to the golden yellow field - so lovely!


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