Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A visit to Salvation Mountain

Way down towards the bottom end of the wrong side of the Salton Sea is a little town called Niland.  And three miles behind the town, past the recycling depot and the electric station, the road leads to a very unique folk art site.   Salvation Mountain is the life’s work of a guy who ended up there when his truck broke down some forty years ago.  He dedicated all his efforts to creating a colourful message about God’s love and the scriptures for all to see.

Salvation Mountain cascades down the rock face topped with a cross.  On the right is an abode of sorts built from straw bales and mud and tree branches. The inside of the living area is even more incredible than the outside.

But the art doesn’t end there.  There are sanctuaries everywhere; little rooms within the mountain, altars and Biblical messages.  

The parking lot is full of abandoned vehicles completely covered with words and images.  I think this one is the truck that first brought Norman here.

We heard about this place from our road buddies Ches and Allie and it was well worth the drive. 

Here's Mohita beside Norman's old truck.  She kinds of fits right in, don't you think?


  1. Nice post. The day we were there our camera batteries died so it is great to see your wonderful photos. We are following your trip with enthusiasm.

  2. What a colourful and unusual visit, to say the least! Does Norman, the artist, emanate "God's love" that he paints about with such enthusiasm?

    I'm sure this visit was worth the trip. It gets first prize for originality!

  3. P.S.
    Almost impossible to read the words before publishing my comment. The sound doesn't help much either!


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